The Bride Quartet

I just finished reading Savor the Moment, the third in the series of four books in the bride quartet series by New York Times Number One best selling author Nora Roberts. Mac, Emma, Laurel, and Parker have been best friends since childhood and run an event business called Vows that specializes in weddings. Mac handles the photography, Emma the flowers, Laurel the cakes, and Parker the details. In each book, one of the four women falls in love and becomes engaged. In the first two books, Mac and Emma meet their matches. In Savor the Moment, Laurel falls in love and becomes engaged to Parker’s brother, a lawyer who handles the legal end of the business. Also, Parker starts a relationship with the mechanic who fixes her car and happens to be  a friend of her brother’s. I imagine in the fourth book which I haven’t read yet, that relationship will blossom into love.
Now, here’s the question. How will four people who run a wedding business manage their own weddings? It’s not too hard to plan and run your own wedding. I did it myself five years ago. Of course, I didn’t do the photography, flowers, or cake. I just did Parker’s job with a little financial and other help from my dad and my sister-in-law who served as matron of honor. Several people handled the photography. My cousins did the decorating, and Marla’s Cakes here in Sheridan, Wyoming,  did the rest. But I digress. Will the bride quartet have a quadruple wedding, the event to end all events at Vows? I guess I’ll have to find out when I read the next book in the series. For more information about Nora Roberts and her books, visit
Abbie Johnson Taylor
Author of We Shall Overcome

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