How to Build a Better Mousetrap

It’s becoming a reality. Yesterday, I submitted my poetry manuscript to iUniverse. It is entitled How to Build a Better Mousetrap: Recollections and Reflections of a Family Caregiver. It contains 66 poems that cover such topics as aspects of being a family caregiver, childhood memories, and aging. Below is a description of the book that will appear on the cover. Will keep you posted as to the book’s progress through the publishing process.

In January of 2006, Abbie Johnson Taylor’s husband suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side. After months of therapy in a nursing facility, he returned home in September of that year. Although he still had little use of his left arm and leg, it was hoped that through outpatient therapy, he would eventually walk again. In January of 2007, he suffered a second stroke that wasn’t as severe, but it was enough to impact his recovery. In August of that year, his therapy was discontinued because he showed no progress. He has never walked since.

The first five poems tell the story of how Taylor found her husband when he suffered his first stroke, detail events in the first few months afterward, and describe Taylor and her husband’s reactions. The rest of the poems in the first part were inspired by Taylor’s experiences while caring for her husband. Covering such topics as dressing, feeding, toileting, their relationship, and his computer, they often provide a humorous outlook. Some poems are from the husband’s point of view. Poems in the next two parts cover childhood memories and other topics. The last section of poems was inspired by Taylor’s fifteen years of experience as a registered music therapist in a nursing home before marrying her husband.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author of We Shall Overcome and How to Build a Better Mousetrap: Recollections and Reflections of a Family Caregiver

Author: abbiejohnsontaylor

I'm the author of two novels,, two poetry collections, and a memoir with another novel on the way. My work has appeared in various journals and anthologies. I'm visually impaired and live in Sheridan, Wyoming, where for six years, I cared for my totally blind late husband who was paralyzed by two strokes. Please visit my website at

4 thoughts on “How to Build a Better Mousetrap”

  1. From Deon LyonsI wish you the best of luck with this endeavor. I have read a few of your poems, and you have a style that's all your own, and worthy of filling up a book with.If the works in the bbook reflect, in any way, your life, then it will be a very good read.Best.Deon


  2. Thanks, Deon, for your encouraging words. Today, I received word from the publisher that the paperback version will be $10.99, and the ebook will cost $3.99. Once the book is on the market, I'll do what I can to get it in an accessible format, but if you can't wait for it to appear on bookshare or bard, you can send me a check for $3.99, and I'll e-mail it to you in doc, rtf, or txt formats. You can e-mail me at to make arrangements.


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