Resisting the Urge to Worry

Today is the start of National Poetry Month. During this time, I’ll post a poem a day five days a week. I hope to use either a prompt on the NAPOWRIMO (National Poetry Writing Month) Website or from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog. If nothing inspires me, I’ll post something I’ve already written. One way or another, there will be a poem here Monday through Friday. If you really hate poetry, you might want to skip this blog until the beginning of May.

Today’s poem was inspired by the daily prompt at


Early morning, still in bathrobe and slippers,
I submit a request for technical support online,

Am told I’ll receive an e-mail shortly with my appointment time,

ding—e-mail—messages from friends,

blogs I follow, spam,

but no word from tech support,

read a blog post about a presenter at an upcoming writers’ conference,

ding–e-mail—still no word,

get dressed: slacks, sweatshirt, socks, tennis shoes,

ding—e-mail—still no word,

eat breakfast: oatmeal, banana, orange juice,

listen to The Writer’s Almanac and other NPR programming,

think maybe my problem has befuddled everyone at Serotek,

picture executives in board room, wearing suits and ties, scratching heads,

marveling at how one woman’s problem brings a corporation to its knees,

wash dishes—clean up,

ding—e-mail—still no word,

don’t worry—write a poem.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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