Things I Want but Can’t Have

On one of the blogs I follow, I ran across a link to a site that provides daily journaling prompts. I was given to understand that if I signed up, I would receive such prompts daily by e-mail for a month. This was not to be.

On the first day, I received an e-mail saying that if I hadn’t seen that day’s prompt, it was because I hadn’t registered which I thought I did. I returned to the site and realized that in order to see the daily prompts, I would have to pay $10.00. I wasn’t about to do this since there are plenty of resources that offer free writing prompts.

However, I was able to gleam a couple of ideas which I shared with my monthly Range Writers group when it was my turn to facilitate our September meeting. One is to write several things about yourself. The other is to list things you want but can’t have. I chose the latter, and my list is below.


Things I Want but Can’t Have

a swimming pool


a self-driving car

my very own jet plane complete with staff

a trouble-free computer

self-cleaning toilets, showers, sinks, and appliances

a talking robotic vacuum cleaner

automated food delivery system

automatic doors in my home


Now, it’s your turn. Make a list of either things about yourself or things you want but can’t have. Have fun with this, and feel free to share your list below.


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6 thoughts on “Things I Want but Can’t Have”

  1. My list would certainly include a trouble-free computer and printer! I would like to have someone come in each day and do minimum housework. I’d also like self-cleaning bathroom fixtures, commode, shower, etc. I’d like to have a carefree yard – one that requires no maintenance. I’d like to have someone who took care of all the small jobs in my house that I can no longer do – put in overhead light bulbs, clean the ceilings of cobwebs where I can’t reach, inspect my roof for storm damage, help me buy new speakers for my house and hook them up, a hairdresser who would come to my house and fix my hair once or twice a week. I’d also like to have new blinds for all my windows, new windows in my living room area, a handicap ramp for my studio, an assistant who helped me with promoting classes, and about five more hours added on to each day.
    Good prompt.


  2. Hi, Abbie–Your list sounds most agreeable to me. For many years, I said that my parents gave me everything which I really wanted except for a swimming pool and a horse. Well, after I had moved away from home, my parents did purchase an above-ground pool with a deck. When I was at home for the summer visits, we really did enjoy the pool. We learned that caring for a swimming pool takes more time and effort than expected. I never did get the horse; however, in more recent years, I may have learned the reason. When my grandparents’ farm horse died, my dad and his neighbor friend had to dig the grave and bury the horse. For whatever reasons, my dad’s three brothers were not around to help with this sad and massive job of burying the horse who had plowed so many fields on my grandparents’ small farm. Hope that you sooner rather than later receive many items on your list–Alice


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