An Exercise in Creativity

A. Rose Hill, our state poet laureate, conducted a fun activity at our last Range Writers meeting. I urge all my readers to try it. I don’t think it’s just for writers. For those of you who are teachers, this might be something fun to try with your kids.


First of all, write down the following list of words.





Jejune Banjax Furlong Benison Glottis Acanthus


Now, use each word in a sentence. If you don’t know a word’s meaning, make it up. Be funny if you want. Whatever you do, don’t scroll down past the three asterisks below until you’ve completed this task.


Now, here are the actual definitions of these words. If you didn’t know their meanings, you can compare what you thought they meant with what they really mean and maybe have a good laugh.

Anthropomorphize—attribute human qualities to

Basilisk—legendary reptile; lizard like iguana


Djellabia or galabia—long, loose hooded garment

Jejune—not mature or childish

Banjax—smash or ruin

Furlong-220 yards

Benison—blessing or benediction

Glottis—space between vocal cords or surrounding structures

Acanthus—any of several prickly herbs of the Mediterranean region


Now, here are my sentences. As you’ll note, I didn’t know the meaning of any of these words until now. Please feel free to share your sentences in the comments field.

Anthropomorphize: Dinosaurs anthropomized into humans.

Basilisk: I added basilisk to my spaghetti sauce.

Propinquity: I was disgusted by his propinquity.

Djellabia: For dessert, I fixed djellabia.

Jejune: I didn’t have a jejune wedding.

Banjax: After the hootenanny, he cleaned his instrument with Banjax.

Furlong: How long is a furlong?

Benison: To prevent my sinuses from clogging at night, I take Benison before going to bed.

Glottis: I supplement my meals with glottis.

Acanthus: He was diagnosed with cancer of the acanthus.


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