Very Special Announcement on Wordwalk

I’ve already purchased this book from Smashwords. Since I’m an avid follower of Alice’s blog, I’ve read most of the material in it, but it’s worth reading again.


Very Special Announcement on Wordwalk

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

When I wished upon the star which was the blaze on the forehead of a horse that was drawing a Christmas carriage, my wish did come true!  My wish for my first published book did come true this week!

On this first of December, Leader Dog Willow and I are especially happy to announce that I have written a small book entitled The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season.  On Monday night, I was able to order “author copies” of my book; then, on Tuesday of this week, links were added to my author’s page for ordering both print and e-books.  What an exciting kick-off of the holiday season!

On my web page (author’s page), you can see a sneak preview of the book’s beautiful and festive cover; then, you can see the horse with the star…

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