This Is Not My America

I don’t get political here very often, but Patty made a point that I feel needs to be shared, and just so you know, I won’t be celebrating the Fourth of July, either. If you don’t like what you read, I hope you’ll simply agree to disagree, and we can still be friends.

Pattys World

Good afternoon, everyone!
It is with great disappointment I write this post. I am, to be perfectly honest, ready to skip the 4TH of July, all together.

Why, do I feel this way? You ask. Well, let me just tell you. Let me, speak on it!

Upset, ashamed, and completely amazed, doesn’t do what I feel justice.

Earlier this afternoon, I was listening to the news on CNN. They said, our current global approval rating is at 22 percent. This is down from 67 percent during the previous presidency. Sad, was my reaction. Ashamed, and a little scared, was and is, my reaction.

Then, I turned on a repeat of a previous This American Life episode, only to listen to a battle between “American Parents” and a School Board, which turned quite violent, and to my dismay, still seems to be going on.

Then, All Things Considered came on, and…

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