Dumbest Thing I’ve Done by Cher’ley

What’s the dumbest thing you ever did? When I was a kid, I followed the wrong person in a grocery store. With limited vision, this wasn’t hard to do.

We’d recently moved to Sheridan, Wyoming, from Tuscon, Arizona, and I was about twelve at the time. It was winter, and while shopping in a supermarket with my mother and younger brother, I spotted a figure about the same age as my mother wearing a red coat with hood just like my mother was wearing. After I followed the figure up one aisle and down another, my younger brother, who was about five, seemed to appear out of nowhere laughing and said, “You’re following the wrong person.” The figure turned, and after the hood was removed, I realized it wasn’t my mother but an elderly man, who chuckled as my brother and I hurried away. Having a visual impairment can be a pain in the anatomy.

Now read Cherley’s story and share your own dumb things in the comments field.

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This Blog  by Cher’ley Grogg

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Over on the SDL Facebook wall, Dan Pearce asked: what was the most hilariously stupid thing you’ve ever done?

He got 24 favorite answers. Here are 3:

  1. I stopped at Hollister and inspected one of the sweaters on their mannequins. Only it wasn’t a mannequin. It was a guy waiting for his girlfriend to finish trying on clothes.
  2. When I was pregnant with our oldest I once waited for more than an hour for my husband to pick me up from work. I called him, madder than blazes that he hadn’t come to get me. After listening to my upset he very calmly informed me that I had the car.
  3. My mother, not wanting to lose my dad in the crowd at Disneyland, stuck her fingers down the back of my dad’s pants. She gave him several affectionate bare skin pats. Of course, my dad saw what…

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