Vain Teenagers #excerpts #Thursday Book Feature

“Mom, where’s my Sugar Shack shirt?”
On a Saturday afternoon in June, Eve Sawyer turned from her computer with a sigh and faced her seventeen–year–old daughter, Julie, who was standing in her home office doorway, fresh from the shower, clad only in a long t–shirt.
“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy with the proofs for Always that I haven’t gotten around to putting away the laundry. It’s still in the dryer.”
Julie rolled her eyes. “God, I hate having a bestselling author for a mom.”
As she flounced away to the basement to retrieve her shirt, Eve turned back to her computer.
Julie reappeared a few minutes later, the garment slung over her arm. “I found it, Mom. Thanks. I’m running late, so can I use the car to get to work?”
“Sure. I’ll be busy with the proofs this afternoon, so I probably won’t be going out.”
“Thanks, Mom. By the way, the mail’s on the hall table.” Julie gave her mother a quick hug before hurrying upstairs to dress.
Eve shrugged. The only reason Julie had brought in the mail was that she was expecting the monthly issue of a teen magazine she enjoyed reading. Then again, Eve was proud of her daughter. Julie did well in school and would be starting her senior year in the fall. This summer, she’d found a job at a local ice cream parlor.
A few minutes later, Julie came thudding down the stairs and hollered, “See you later, Mom.”
Leaving the dog tied outside the store, Eve purchased hamburger and other items. After returning home and putting Ginger in the yard with a bone, she walked into the basement laundry room and groaned. Clean clothes were scattered on the floor and on top of the washer and dryer. She could never understand why the kids couldn’t put everything back in the dryer once they found what they needed.
She’d discussed this with them many times. Julie’s response had always been, “Mom, if you’d only put the clothes away when they’re dry, we wouldn’t have to hunt for them.”
Often, Eve had explained that she wasn’t the maid. She’d reasoned that her writing provided most of the income that paid for the house, food, clothing, and entertainment, and that when there was a deadline, that took priority.
Ashley and Thomas had always promised to try to do better, and Julie had always shrugged and said, “Whatever.”
The above excerpts are from my latest, The Red Dress. See below for more information. Thank you for reading today.


New! The Red Dress

Copyright July 2019 by DLD Books

Front cover contains: young, dark-haired woman in red dress holding flowers

When Eve went to her high school senior prom, she wore a red dress that her mother had made for her. That night, after dancing with the boy of her dreams, she caught him in the act with her best friend. Months later, Eve, a freshman in college, is bullied into giving the dress to her roommate. After her mother finds out, their relationship is never the same again.

Twenty-five years later, Eve, a bestselling author, is happily married with three children. Although her mother suffers from dementia, she still remembers, and Eve still harbors the guilt for giving the dress away. When she receives a Facebook friend request from her old college roommate and an invitation to her twenty-five-year high school class reunion, then meets her former best friend by chance, she must confront the past in order to face the future.


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