The Ones and Twos of Going Number 1 and Number 2

Good morning. When you were a kid, you probably wondered why you had to learn math. Well, maybe this post from Common Place Fun Facts will enlighten you. It should definitely give you some food for thought while you’re picking up your pet’s droppings. Enjoy, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Commonplace Fun Facts

Amount of time for an animal to poop

Did you ever complain while doing your math homework and ask, “Why do I need to learn this?” Probably someone responded by telling you that no matter what you choose to do with your life, you’re going to have to use math in some way.

It turns out this is true, even if you plan to spend your life cleaning up after animals. Scientists have applied their finely-tuned brains to unlock the mysteries of what happens on the other end of an animal’s body. To put it a bit more bluntly, thanks to a bit of math, we now know just how long it takes for animals to poop and pee.

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