If You Enjoy Fresh Milk, Thank Al Capone #SocialMediaMonday

If the title piqued your interest, I suggest you read this post from Commonplace Fun Facts, which explains the connection between Chicago gangster Al Capone and milk. I think you’ll be surprised to learn that Al Capone wasn’t always a bad guy.

Commonplace Fun Facts

Al Capone was one of the people responsible for expiration dates being placed on milk products

In the shady world of organized crime, no name struck greater freak and respect than that of Al Capone. The notorious Chicago mobster presided over an empire of bootleg alcohol, gambling, and other criminal enterprises. He maintained control over the multi-million-dollar operation through violence and fear. Anyone who opposed Al Capone could expect to have an expiration date placed on his life.

On a less-sinister and more public-health-minded note, Al Capone also bore much of the responsibility for putting the expiration date on the gallon of milk that is in your refrigerator.

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