About Me

Gender:            Female
Occupation:     Writer
Location:          Sheridan, Wyoming, United States
I was born in New York City on June 1st, 1961. After living there and in Colorado and Arizona, my family finally settled in Sheridan, Wyoming, in 1973. After graduating from high school in 1980, I went to Sheridan College for two years and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in music. I then transferred to Rocky Mountain College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in music two and a half years later. I studied music therapy at Montana State University for two years and completed a six-month internship at a nursing home in Fargo, North Dakota, before returning to Sheridan in 1988. I’ve lived here ever since. I worked for fifteen years as a music therapist in a nursing home. In 2005, I married Bill, quit my job, and now, I write full time.

7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, Abbie — glad to have discovered your blog, and I’m happy you found the Writing Wranglers blog — we’d love to have you join us there more often and consider becoming part of our group! Looking forward to seeing you at the Wyoming Writers Conference in June!! Gayle Irwin — WW, Inc., Admin Assistant and Fellow Wyoming Writer


    1. Hi Gail, Chris Williams told me about Writers and Wranglers, and I’ve subscribed to it so I read the posts regularly. So far, I haven’t come up with any ideas for contributions to your blog, but if I do, I’ll be in touch. Thanks for the invitation.


  2. Hi Gail, I found you on Glenda Beall’s posting. I facilitate a writers group here in the mountains of North Carolina, town of Brevard. One of my members worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and married into an Indian family whose lineage goes to Chief Loco and had two sons by that marriage. His name is Bud Shapard and you can look up his published books. “Medicine Woman’s Revenge” pertains to an Indian girl brought East by a fort physician and his wife.
    Please add me to your “interested writers” list.
    I’m a short and long story plus poetry. Kind of a mixed bag. I’ve had lots of work published and am now working on a collection for publication.
    Started writing at age 60 and have continued coming to the computer every day! Love it.
    Nancy Purcell


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