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Thanks to fellow blogger Sally Cronin for publishing my story, “Just My Luck,” on her site. Enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Since this series began in January 2018 there have been over 1100 Posts from Your Archives where bloggers have taken the opportunity to share posts to a new audience… mine.

The topics have ranged from travel, childhood, recipes, history, family and the most recent series was #PotLuck where I shared a random selection of different topics. This series is along the same lines… but is a ‘Lucky Dip’

In this series I will be sharing posts from the first six months of 2021 – details of how you can participate are at the end of the post.

This is the first post by Abbie Johnson Taylor and in this post she shares a short story that illustrates the need to be careful when sending gifts….

Just My Luck by Abbie Taylor

The weekend after I was laid off from my job as a guidance counselor at the local high school…

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A giveaway and book Review, October 14, 2021 #Reblogs

Image contains: Abbie, smiling.Thanks to fellow blogger Carol Farnsworth for her great review of my latest book, Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me. You’ll also find, in her post, instructions on how you can win a free signed copy of her poetry collection, Leaf Memories, which I reviewed here at: Happy reading! To learn more about my new novel and find out where to get your copy, visit:

traveling up and down the blind highway of lifeBlind on the Lite Side

I am sitting here at my desk after finishing a fellow author’s book, “Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me.” But first , I want to tell you of an opportunity to put your name in for a drawing for my signed chapbook,”Leaf Memories.” Go to

Just go to the site of the Handy uncapped pen and write a comment or put your name and email under the cover photo of Leaf Memories, to have your name in the drawing. While you are there, check out this blog source for writers with disabilities.

Now to my review of Abbie Taylor’s newest novel. The title refers to one of the characters, a Grandma with dementia . She fails to recognize one of her grandaughters. In a moment of clarity, she reveals a family secret that threatens to change the family forever.

I was in the room with Natalie when her Grandma in…

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Garden Songs #15 ~ “soft white velvet stars” #SocialMediaMonday

Image contains: Abbie, smiling.

Here’s a poem from Lynda McKinney Lambert to start the day and the week. She also provides an interesting tip on watering plants. So, if you’re a gardener, you might want to check this out. But even if you’re not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the haiku and photos. Happy reading!


soft white velvet stars

clustered between waxy leaves

sweet-smelling Hoya


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New! Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me

Copyright 2021 by Abbie Johnson Taylor.

Independently published with the help of DLD Books.

Front cover image contains: elderly woman in red sweater sitting next to a window.

Sixteen-year-old Natalie’s grandmother, suffering from dementia and confined to a wheelchair, lives in a nursing home and rarely recognizes Natalie. But one Halloween night, she tells her a shocking secret that only she and Natalie’s mother know. Natalie is the product of a one-night stand between her mother, who is a college English teacher, and another professor.

After some research, Natalie learns that people with dementia often have vivid memories of past events. Still not wanting to believe what her grandmother has told her, she finds her biological father online. The resemblance between them is undeniable. Not knowing what else to do, she shows his photo and website to her parents.

Natalie realizes she has some growing up to do. Scared and confused, she reaches out to her biological father, and they start corresponding.

Her younger sister, Sarah, senses their parents’ marital difficulties. At Thanksgiving, when she has an opportunity to see Santa Claus, she asks him to bring them together again. Can the jolly old elf grant her request?



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Nice Times (3) #WordPressWednesday

Fellow blogger Beetley Pete lives in the English countryside. But in this post, he shares memories of his life in London. Enjoy!


As much as I enjoy living in the countryside now, I will always be a Londoner. This post is about some beloved memories of that city.

An intimate gig at the famous Soho Jazz club, Ronnie Scott’s. It finished late, and after the club closed we walked across the street and were lucky enough to get a table outside the iconic Bar Italia coffee bar. Sitting on the pavement, heated by patio heaters, drinking lukewarm espresso at inflated prices. Watching the world go by in London at night. And then I had a glass of Grappa. Fabulous.

Standing on an almost deserted Waterloo Bridge, very early in the morning. Facing east, looking at one of the best views in London as the sun rose behind Tower Bridge. I loved being a Londoner that morning.

An evening trip on The London Eye (big wheel by the river) for my 49th birthday…

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A Fiddler on the Roof, September 30, 2021 #SocialMediaMonday

After reading today’s shared post, you probably won’t get that tune out of your head right away. Through her prose and poetry, Carol offers insight on being aware of your surroundings, especially if your vision is limited or nonexistent. Enjoy!

traveling up and down the blind highway of lifeBlind on the Lite Side

We are having a new roof put on our house. Bright and early on Wednesday morning, we were greeted with five young people on our roof. They scraped the old shingles off and prepared the surface for new one.

But I was not prepared for the mixed signals that walking, scraping and pounding gave a blind person. Normally, I listen and feel the virbrations of walking towards me to tell me my husband was coming. I would turn to see what he wanted. Wednesday, I heard multiple feet in many places. My listening was overloaded!

I thought back to the musical, “Fiddler On The Roof.” The noise reminded me of the line, “Our lives are as precarious as a fiddler on the roof.” It doesn’t take much change to upset our day.

We are comfortably set in our ways. Perhaps we need a change in our day to shake us…

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