The Wheels Are Turning at the Seeing Eye #FridayFinds #Reblogs #Inspiration

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After losing her guide dog six weeks ago, fellow author and blogger Mary Hiland is finally ready for another one. In this post, she explains the first steps in applying for a guide dog. You can check out my reviews of her books

here and here. Enjoy!


My darling Dora died of cancer six weeks ago. While there are times that something sets me off, a word, a song, or just the overbearing feeling of loneliness, and I weep, even sob, in self-indulgent sadness, I know that sooner or later, I must replace her with a new Seeing Eye ® dog. I hate using the word replace, because a dog like Dora cannot be replaced. Yet, I can’t go on needing to hold the arm of a kind person to go anywhere outside my home, and I’m terrible at using a white cane. It’s time to go back to the Seeing Eye to train with a new dog to regain my independence.


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Mother’s Day Surprises #WordPressWednesday #Reblogs #Inspiration

On Sunday, March 27th, folks in the UK celebrated Mother’s Day. Here’s fellow author and blogger Stevie Turner with her reflections on the subject. If you’re a mother in the UK, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!


All those years of broken sleep, homework dramas, piano lessons, guitar lessons, band-in-the-garage, 50cc motorbike dramas, driving lessons, too-much-beer issues, girlfriend issues, Mum and Dad’s taxi and bank of Mum and Dad are behind us now.


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The Rewards of Running a Bird Sanctuary #WordPressWednesday #Reblogs #Inspiration


In yesterday’s post, I talked about how I enjoy nature. In the post I’m sharing today, fellow author Kayelynne Booth explains how she crated a bird sanctuary in her back yard. You’ll find photos of the many birds who have visited her there. If you can’t see them, I’m sure you’ll still appreciate her descriptions. Enjoy!


I started watching the birds which visited my yard about fifteen years ago. My property is densely forested and the early morning chatter in the trees was difficult to ignore, so my gaze would naturally go up to the trees around me, and I was amazed at the number of different types of birds that were dropping by. So, I began to sit out in the yard to write on summer days, and that first summer, I kept a journal of the different birds that I saw…


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I’ve shared posts by fellow blogger Empish Thomas before. Now, here she is, being interviewed on the blog. Enjoy!


Shortly after Empish Thomas earned her journalism degree in the mid-’90s, she began experiencing severe headaches and sensitivity to light. After a visit to the  eye doctor, she was diagnosed with uveitis, a generalized eye inflammation that can quickly escalate to permanent damage. Unfortunately, Empish fell into that category, losing her sight fully within a few years.


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Treasuring Poetry: Meet Poet and Author Abbie Johnson Taylor #WordPressWednesday #Reblogs #Inspiration


Thanks to fellow author Robbi Cheadle for featuring me on her blog today. After reading this, I suggest you check out some of her other offerings. Enjoy!

Treasuring Poetry: Meet Author and Poet Abbie Johnson Taylor