Smorgasbord Special Feature – Understanding: An Anthology of True and Significant Life Events- Contributors Pamela Jessen, Lynda McKinney Lambert and Jaye Marie

I am featured in this anthology. I’ll post a review here as soon as I read it.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Over the last two weeks I have been featuring the contributors to this anthology of true and significant events. Writers share intimate and life changing events in their lives with courage and honesty whilst inspiring others.

Compiled by author Stevie Turner – the proceeds from this anthology will be going to Cancer Research and it is a very worthy cause.

Here is the link to the previous post where you can also find the link to the first posts in the series: Contributors Part Four

About the anthology

The following authors and bloggers answered questions posed by Stevie Turner regarding significant life experiences they had undergone. These events include sexual abuse, a near death experience, alcoholism, being diagnosed with cancer, depression, losing weight, getting married, being a mother to many children, being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, and many more!

All proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research:

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Cover Reveal for the New ‘Understanding’ Anthology

If you can answer Stevie’s twenty questions about a life-changing experience, check this out. I’ve already given her my answers about my six years as my husband’s caregiver, and her anthology will be published sometime this summer.

Stevie Turner

I thought I’d share the lovely cover that Laura at LLPix Designs has created for my new anthology Understanding.  So far there’s 16 of us taking part, and there’s insight into many significant life experiences.  All the royalties will go to  Cancer Research.

I’m still on the lookout for anybody willing to answer 20 of my questions on the following two topics:

A mother who has coped with a large number of children (at least 6).

A wedding day with a difference.

What do you think of my cover?  Great isn’t it?


Hope to publish in June or July when all the answers are in to my questions.

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My (as yet unpublished) ‘Understanding’ Anthology

Thanks to Stevie Turner for mentioning me in her post. She’s publishing an anthology about life-changing experiences, and I’ll be in it. Check it out!

Stevie Turner

Wow, I’d like to thank all the people who came forward to answer 20 of my questions for my new ‘Understanding’ anthology, which is going to focus on significant life events.  So far I’ve had insight into depression, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, becoming a carer, a near death experience, coping with a hip replacement, chronic pain, being a harem boy, and caffeine addiction.  I’m now awaiting answers from people who have dealt with giving up smoking, a narcissistic parent, and bereavement.   I’m also going to add an article on coping with cancer.

I’m going to list all the authors/bloggers below, in order to seek permission to publish their answers on my blog and in the anthology.  I would prefer to publish the book on Amazon, and therefore it cannot be free.  I’m seeking advice on the price of the book and opinions on whether to give any royalties…

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Books on sale on smash words and tell it to the world marketing closed until further notice

Fellow author Patty Fletcher​ has been running a successful marketing business for several years. Now, because her computer no longer works, she cannot continue in this venture for now. She could purchase equipment from Computers for the Blind in Texas for less than $200, but she can’t even afford that. Because of mounting vet bills as a result of her guide dog’s medical issues, she’s financially strapped. If you can help her, please read this post. You can also check out other posts on her blog to learn more about her and her books. If I could help her, I would.

Campbells World

Hi, I hope all are well during this Sunday morning. I am coming here on to my blog to let you know of a couple of things. First of all my books are discounted during the week of March 3 through March 9. To learn more please visit fletcher/ to access my Smashwords Book buying link and all book information. Visually challenged readers note, provides e-books in many different accessible formats.

I would also like to let you know that until further notice I am closing tell it to the world marketing due to a major technical difficulty. My computer system has shorted out and will no longer remain charged. This is not due to a faulty cord but to a problem inside the computer. Earlier in the year my computer was involved in a fall and experienced a problem. This problem has steadily been getting worse and…

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Featured book of the week: My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Thanks to blogger Ann Barnes for featuring my latest book on her blog today. She also mentions the book she featured last week, so you might want to check that out as well. Happy reading.

Ann Writes Inspiration

 Hello to all readers and writers in the blogosphere.

I hope you are enjoying my new “featured Book of the week column” and I certainly hope you went out and picked up your own copy of Three: An Electric Eclectic Book by P.J. Roscoe. If so, please share it with your friends and leave a review. You’ll let the author know how much you enjoyed her book. Reviews also help online book retailors like Amazon show an author’s books to more customers.


This week, I have another wonderful book to showcase for you. The book is entitled My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds, written by Abbie Johnson Taylor:

In September of 2005, Abbie Johnson married Bill Taylor. She was in her mid-forties, and he was nineteen years older. Three months later, Bill suffered the first of two strokes that…

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Special Needs Authors and Readers – an Interview with Patty Fletcher

Friend and fellow blogger Patty Fletcher is featured here today. I can relate to what she’s saying, so I encourage you to read this in order to gain a better understanding of people with disabilities.

Noreen Lace


Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I’m very glad to be here.

As I’ve been reading over the questions you ask, I’ve decided the best way to begin answering them is to start by telling a bit about myself, and why I write.

As you read, you’ll also see that I’ve included Campbell my Seeing Eye Guide Dog and why I chose to do so.

SmashwordsCoverMy name is Patty L. Fletcher. I’m a single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom I am very proud. I have a great son-in-law and five beautiful grandchildren. Three girls, and two boys. I own and handle a Black Labrador from The Seeing Eye™ named Campbell Lee—a.k.a. Bubba Lee or King Campbell, to give just a couple of his nicknames.

I’m multiply disabled. I not only suffer from Bipolar Disorder, and Fibromyalgia but I’m totally blind as well. I…

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Share Your Short Story – Winner and Runner Up for February 2019

My poem didn’t place in Stevie’s contest, but it’s linked to here, so I encourage you to check it out along with other entries. Happy reading.

Stevie Turner

Once again my thanks go to everybody who took part in February.  There was a great turn out this month, but it was hard to choose between all the lovely entries I had.  However, I’ve picked one winner and two runners-up this time as I really couldn’t decide between them!

The winner for February is Phil Huston with his very atmospheric story ‘Bobby B- Gator Bait‘.  It was very realistic, so much so that I felt I was actually there on that bayou:

Congratulations Phil!


I couldn’t decide on one or the other of these for a runner up, so I chose them both!  Congrats also to Julie G for ‘Our Bench by the Sea’

And to Darlene Foster for ‘Ghosts in the Attic’:


Do take the time to check out all the other lovely stories below, which I’ve added…

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