Share Your Short Story – August 2019

If you’re a blogger who likes to write short fiction or poetry, here’s a great opportunity. You’ll also find an excerpt from Stevie’s novel. Enjoy and good luck.

Stevie Turner

Authors can share a link to their short stories (less than 2000 words please) or poetry, and it won’t cost you a penny! The deadline is 31st August. Stories or poems can be on any subject, but please keep them reasonably family friendly – nothing too graphic!  On 1st September I will pick a winner and a runner up and share the links to the stories on my website, MeWe and Twitter pages. The winner also has the choice of their story being included in an anthology of winners that I will compile when I have enough stories.

Please ensure that you add the link to your story to August’s submission page and not any previous month, or it may be missed.

I look forward to reading your efforts. The winners can use these laurels below to add to their story:

Short Story Winner Aug 19

Short Story Runner up Aug 19Here’s a 1300 word taste of my novel ‘Partners…

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Here’s another reminder about the Facebook event I’ll be participating in next week. This post contains a schedule of authors, me included, who will be appearing. I hope you can be there too.

Campbells World

If you’re viewing this in another place other than the Facebook event you may visit:
To attend.


Hello everyone and thank you for dropping into our sizzling summer super book release launch party on this sizzling hot summer afternoon!
I’d like to take a moment to let you in on a few things which are coming up during this magnificent event.

First, on Sunday, July 28, 2019 from 2 to 4 P.M. Eastern we will be gathering together to celebrate a milestone for Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing.
On July 28, 2017, I began a journey which has succeeded far beyond my wildest expectations, and it is thanks to every single one of you that this is so.
So, on this Sunday afternoon grab your favorite celebratory beverage, and a comfy chair, and settle in for an afternoon of fun.

Then, on August…

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Guest Blogger: Leader Dog Willow

This guide dog provides an interesting perspective and important advice when encountering such a dog and handler.


A Canine Perspective of Today’s Telephone

by guest blogger and resident guide dog Willow

Due to Alice’s being very, very busy with trying to learn how to use her new, pink i-phone, I have graciously agreed to be a guest blogger/dogger for WORDWALK this Wednesday, July 24, 2019.  Thank you, Alice, for the PUPportunity; and thanks to all of you WORDWALK readers for your attention on this lovely summer day.

First, I must tell you that I have been hearing a lot about “fingerprints.”  A-PUP-ently, the way Alice has to start this incredible telephone is with a fingerprint.  Trying to do so has been problematic.  I do want to help; but in the settings menu, we find no option for a PAWPRINT.  Well, this is not my idea of accessible!  After all, I, as a British Black Labrador, have smaller paws than most Labs.

Furthermore, Alice keeps telling somebody called…

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Happy Sunday!: Facebook event, what I am reading, and a walk in the yard (About 15 minutes)

Here’s another story from Patty Fletcher at Tell It to the World Marketing. After you listen, you may want to explore her blog and learn more about her and her clients, me included. You’ll also find out more about the Facebook event in which she and I and other authors are participating.

Campbells World

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Here’s another reminder about the Sizzling Super Summer Book Launch Party, in which I’ll be participating with other authors on August 3rd. Whether you like to read or write, please click the link in Patty’s post to join the event. I hope to see you there.

Campbells World

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I’m pleased to announce that, in conjunction with other authors, I’m participating in the Sizzling Super Summer Book Release Party on Saturday, August 3rd. I’ll kick things off at noon Eastern time with information about my new book, an interview with my main character, and more. After that, other authors will strut their stuff. I hope to see you there.

Campbells World

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Share Your Short Story – Winners

I’m pleased to announce that one of my short stories has been selected as a runner-up in blogger Stevie Turner’s contest. Check it out along with other winning stories here.

Stevie Turner

Thanks to all who submitted their stories and poems for June’s ‘Share Your Short Story’ contest.  I enjoyed reading all of them, and have picked out a winner and 2 runners up below:

Congratulations to June’s contest winner L.A Myles, who has written a very touching poem entitled ‘Cold’.   L.A,  feel free to use the laurel below, and also let me know if you are willing to have the poem published in an anthology I’ll put together when I have enough winners.


I’ve chosen Wendy Van Camp’s true story ‘The Horse Thief’ and Abbie Johnson Taylor’s story ‘Dream Closet’ as  runners-up.  Congratulations Wendy and Abbie, feel free to use the laurel below:

Memoir: The Horse Thief

SHORT STORY LAUREL RUNNER UP JUNE 2019Please take some time out to read all the other lovely stories that were submitted this month.

Told by Harris:  The  Fake ID

Tea Cup  Writer:  11:17 a.m

Doug Jaquier: …

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