Thursday Book Feature: 365 Days of Wonder

365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Brown’s Book of Precepts

by R. J. Palacio

Copyright 2014.

This is a companion book to Wonder, which I reviewed here last week. Mr. Brown, August’s English teacher, gives his fifth grade students a saying or “precept” each month and asks them to write about it. He has compiled a book of these precepts for each day of the year.

This book is divided into sections, arranged by month. At the beginning of the book and after each section is a vinyet by Mr. Brown, in which he reflects on one or more precepts and includes essays and letters from his students.

I like the way an issue not closed in Wonder is resolved in this book, which is also written for children. All of us at any age can relate to many of the precepts. In fact, they could be used as writing prompts for adults.

Now it’s your turn. At the end of each school year, Mr. Brown asks students to send him post cards with their own precepts. I encourage you, my loyal readers, to do the same. You don’t have to send me a postcard. Just leave your precept in the comment field below. If you’re not sure what a precept is, you can refer to the book for examples. You could also pick a precept from the book and comment on what that precept means to you. In any case, I’m looking forward to hearing from you about precepts.


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