The Evergreen Journal #21 ~ Full Siren #WordPressWednesday #Reblogs #Inspiration

A photo of Abbie smiling in front of a white background. Her brown hair is cut short and frames her face. She is wearing a bright red shirt and a dark, flowy scarf swirled with hues of purple, pinks and blues.

If you’ve never ridden in an ambulance, you might think it fun to careen through city streets, strapped to a gurney, siren blaring. Several years ago, when fellow author Lynda McKinney Lambert needed an ambulance, she realized she didn’t want to ride that way. Here she is to tell you all about her experience in the post I’m sharing today. This piece was published in the current issue of The Writer’s Grapevine, which can be read here. Enjoy!


In the late afternoon, Bob drove our car to our local mechanic’s garage. I saw this as an opportunity to go outside and do some yard work. I decided to cut down some volunteer trees and plants that were overgrown. The wild vegetation is out of control, I thought. I was on a mission to get this done before Bob arrived home.


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