Novel Portrays Idyllic Irish Small-Town Life #FantasticFridayReads #Reblogs #Fiction

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s an oldie but goodie from a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

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In light of our recent St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I would like to share an oldy but goody book review from a couple of years ago. Happy reading!

An Irish Country Cottage

By Patrick Taylor

Copyright 2018.

This story takes place during the late 1960’s and is about three doctors. Although it’s part of a series, it can stand alone. In the Irish community of Ballybucklebo, Dr. O’Riley organizes a relief effort to help a family who lost everything in a fire. Dr. Laverty and his wife are trying to conceive a child, and Dr. McCarthy, a trainee, suffers from a lack of self-confidence. The Protestant-Catholic conflict provides an ominous backdrop to this portrayal of idyllic small-town life.

This book reminds me, in a way, of the James Harriott stories except that the patients are people, not animals. Funny things happen that will make you laugh, and there are serious…

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