Saturday Song: O Christmas Tree

Some people decorate their homes for the holidays before Thanksgiving, but when I was a kid, we usually waited until the first or second week of December. In Tucson, Arizona, during the 1960’s and early 70’s, we drove to a lot each year where we picked out a tree. Despite my limited vision, I could see the trees and loved the smell and feel of the branches.

We didn’t have a truck, and I can’t remember how we got the selected tree home, but we did. My younger brother and I watched while Dad and Mother put the tree in the stand and strung the lights. Then the fun began.

My favorite task was hanging colored balls and candy canes on lower branches. We didn’t use garlands or tinsel because the cats wreaked havoc with them, but we had antique angels and other Christmas symbols that my mother hung on higher branches.

After we moved here to Sheridan, Wyoming, in 1973, we bought our trees from an indoor warehouse instead of an outdoor lot. Although my father could wield a chain saw with the best of them, I don’t know why we didn’t trek to the mountains and chop down a tree. I bet that would have been fun.


What do you remember about decorating your home for the holidays? Did you ever go into the woods and chop down a tree? I’d love to hear about your memories and hope you find the perfect tree this year. Have a great Saturday.


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