The Pastabilities Are Endless — The History and Varieties of Pasta #WordPressWednesday

How about some pasta for lunch today? This post from Commonplace Fun Facts will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about one of my favorite dishes. Happy eating!

Commonplace Fun Facts

Pasta food cooking varieties

Nothing says “Italy” quite like pasta. The flavors, smells, shapes, and even the names of the many-varied noodles are as Italian as Italian can be.

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Why You Don’t Remember the Amazing Contributions of H.A. Largelamb #SocialMediaMonday

Have you ever heard of H.A. Largelamb? I haven’t, at least not until now. Check out this post from Commonplace Fun facts, and you’ll be surprised!

Commonplace Fun Facts

What do you know about the fantastic accomplishments of H.A. Largelamb? Don’t be so quick to say you never heard of him. Although you might not immediately recognize his name, you almost certainly have heard of him. Unquestionably, you have be influenced by his many accomplishments.

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The Hated Inventor and the Dreaded Thing He Created #WordPressWednesday

Did it ever occur to you that people would stop at nothing to keep someone from inventing something? Well, if I’ve piqued your curiosity, you can read this post from Commonplace Fun Facts and learn more.

Commonplace Fun Facts

Adolphe Sax Saxophone the hated inventor and the dreaded thing he created

Adolphe must have been the most unfortunate boy ever. He was certainly the most accident-prone. His mother concluded that he was “condemned to misfortune” and concluded that “he won’t live.”

It seemed as if nature knew that this seemingly innocent boy would grow up to invent something so utterly horrifying and threatening that mobs would demand his death.

Who was this unfortunate boy who was condemned to misfortune, and what monstrosity did he grow up to create?

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Does Your Dog Have Frito Feet? #FridayFinds

Do your dog’s feet smell like corn chips? Have you ever wondered why? Well, the post I’m sharing today has a most fascinating answer. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Commonplace Fun Facts

Why do dog’s feet smell like fritos or corn chips?

If you were to create a list of smells associated with dogs, it would likely range from the pleasant scent of a recently-bathed, freshly-groomed pet to the less-pleasing aromas that belong outside. Somewhere in that mix, did you include the fragrance of corn chips?

That’s right — corn chips. Specifically, corn chip-scented feet. That may seem quite odd, but it isn’t at all uncommon. Many people take a whiff of Fido’s feet and wonder if the dog has been treading in a pile of Frito corn chips.

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The Tragic Tale of a Badly Battered Husband #SocialMediaMonday

We hear about battered wives all the time but not so much about battered husbands. As it turns out, one of our U.S. presidents was in an abusive relationship, which he didn’t escape until his death. To find out which president was so unfortunate, read this post from Commonplace Fun Facts.

Please understand that domestic violence is no laughing matter. If you’re in an abusive relationship, get out! No partner is worth the pain.

Commonplace Fun Facts

Sadly, he was a battered husband. There just isn’t any other way to describe it. Mary was highly abusive toward her husband, both emotionally and physically.

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