Review: Christmas in Paris


Christmas in Paris: A Novel

by Anita Hughes

Copyright 2016


Alec and Isabel retreat to a posh hotel in Paris during the holiday season after their weddings are canceled. Isabel has called hers off after realizing she and her fiancé can’t agree on anything. Alec’s fiancé has left him for another man. Fate brings Alec and Isabel together. The plot then takes an interesting if not unrealistic turn when a fortune-teller predicts Isabel will marry a French aristocrat. The book includes discussion questions for reading groups.

I think the main theme here is that things happen for a reason, and I agree with that. If I hadn’t married my late husband Bill, who would have taken care of him after he suffered his first stroke? He would have ended up spending the rest of his life in a nursing home and may not have lived as long.

However, I hope young people reading this book won’t take seriously the concept of love at first sight. It doesn’t always happen that way. Bill and I met through Newsreel and had a long-distance relationship for two years. It took six months for Bill to work up the courage to propose marriage and another three months for me to realize he was the one. You can read more about that in my new memoir. As for Christmas in Paris, it’s a sweet story to read this time of year.


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