Walking the Dog #Musical Monday

The song I’m featuring today was used in the 1938 classic, Shall We Dance, starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. I recently learned about this movie while listening to a program on my local classical music station called Saturday Cinema. Before playing the song, the host explained that in the movie, when we hear the song, Ginger Rogers is walking her dog on the deck of a ship. She encounters Fred Astaire, and they start dancing. I’d heard this song before, and it brought back many pleasant memories of our family’s canine companions.

During the 1970’s when I was in high school, I often walked Clancy, our Irish setter. This was in the good old days before stricter leash laws were imposed. I walked down the street with Clancy prancing ahead of me, sniffing everything he saw. With my limited vision, I couldn’t tell what he was getting into, and at my age, I didn’t care, most of the time.

I avoided alleys altogether because I knew the smelly fish heads in which he loved to roll lurked there. Back then, it was unheard of to tell a dog to “leave it.” Clancy passed away while I was in college.

As an adult practicing music therapy in a nursing home, I often walked with my father and his Irish setter, Maud. One afternoon, we were passing the home of my supervisor, Arlis, when Maud, with no modesty whatsoever, relieved herself in the yard, just as Arlis was opening her front door. Not knowing how she felt about dogs, I wondered if I would lose my job. All my career training hadn’t prepared me for this.

To my surprise and relief, she smiled and greeted me as if nothing were wrong. I introduced her to Dad and Maud, and all seemed well. To be on the safe side, though, when I returned to work, I apologized, even though Maud wasn’t my dog. She just laughed. Apparently, she hadn’t noticed Maud watering her lawn.

Now, the only time I walk a dog is when I visit my brother in Jupiter, Florida. We walk Sammy and Max on their leashes the few blocks to a wildlife preserve near their home, then let them loose for some fun. The next time I go to Florida and engage in this quality sibling time activity, I imagine this piece will be going through my head. Enjoy!



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