Funky Word Poem!

During our last third Thursday poets meeting, our state poet laureate facilitated an interesting activity. We went around the room several times, each thinking up funny-sounding words and phrases. We then wrote poems, using all or as many    of the words as we wanted. Below is the list we came up with, and I’ll follow that with my poem.


fliberty jibbet

bubble trouble

Stilton cheese

galloping goulash

cracklin crispies


boogie woogie


knuckle head

flirty feline


yucko bucko

a little spittle





yucca glauca

hunky poo

punky poo



A fliberty gibbet talks gibberish

to her flirty feline.

“You’re my hunky poo.

Am I your punky poo?”

She says the same to her yucca glauca.

Neither the cat nor the plant respond.

She wanders into the kitchen,

cuts herself a slice of Stilton cheese

which she eats along with

a serving of leftover galloping goulash

and cracklin’ crispies for dessert.

She longs for her true hunky poo

who ended up in bubble trouble

after suffering two strokes.

Seven years later, he died.

Now, she must boogie woogie alone.

It’s better to have loved and lost

than to be in love with a knuckle head.


As you may have figured out, the above poem is sort of the story of my life. Now, it’s your turn. Use the list of funny words and phrases above or make your own. Write a poem, story, or essay using any or all of them. If you have a blog, I double dare you to post the finished product. If not, you’re welcome to share below.


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