Sunday Best: Garage Door Update

In a post earlier this week, I explained how a truck crashed into my garage door. On Tuesday afternoon after that post went live, I finally received a call from the insurance adjuster for the truck’s driver. He asked me to email him photos of the damaged garage door and an estimate.

On Wednesday morning, my friend Christine Valentine, who did the cover and profile pictures for my poetry collection, That’s Life, came and took the desired photos, one of which is below. While she was doing that, the owner of the day care center next door came out and apologized for the accident. She said she sent a notice to all parents, saying they are not to park in my driveway while dropping off or picking up their children. She told me that if I spotted any more cars in my driveway, I was to let her know. Chris suggested getting a NO TRESSPASSING sign and offered to pick one up for me at Home Depot the next time she was there.

This looked a lot worse after the accident happened, but the driver and the policeman straightened it as best they could.

Miracle of miracles, later that morning, I received the estimate from Roll N Rite, a company that installs and repairs garage doors. A contractor had come the day before and told me I would need to replace the garage door. I emailed his estimate, along with Chris’s photos, to the insurance adjuster. When I spoke to him on the phone the day before, he told me to wait 48 hours afterward.

On Friday afternoon, when I hadn’t heard back from the insurance adjuster, I called the company and was told they hadn’t received my email message. The gal who answered the phone suggested putting only the claim number in the subject line and sending the photos and attachment in separate messages, since their server could only handle so many megabytes of data per message. Why hadn’t the guy I’d talked to a few days earlier told me this, I wondered. Oh well, there was nothing to do but send everything again, this time in two separate messages. Friday night, another insurance agent called and told me I would be issued a check for the full amount of the estimate.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this past week? Please tell me about it in the comment field. I hope something good happens to you next week, and maybe by then, my new garage door will be on its way.


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