Wednesday Words Poetry Challenge: Fly and Sing (Synonyms Only)

Image contains: Abbie, smiling.The following nonet was inspired by Colleen Chesebro’s weekly poetry challenge and a song. This week’s words are “fly” and “sing,” and you’ll note that I used “carry tunes” and “soaring” as synonyms. You can click the button below the poem to hear me recite it, then play and sing the song that also inspired it.



During the holiday season, I
carry tunes of joy, peace, hope, love,
celebrate this holy night
of the blessed Saviour’s birth
with soaring voice, heart,
fall to my knees
while angels


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Flowers Bring Hope

Today is Earth Day. I was inspired to post the following poem by the NaPoWriMo prompt at . I wrote this a year ago, and you can click on the Dropbox link below the poem to hear me read it.






Arrow leaf, balsam root

Blanket the hillside

near a pristine lake,


bring hope of spring

soon to come,

an end to brutal winter.


Warm temperatures

around the corner

melt snow, clear ice.


A new beginning

will shortly arrive,

end nature’s tyranny,


but even in June,

snow dots mountaintops,

as winter holds on.


Meanwhile, in the valleys,

Spring has arrived

with lupine, hope.


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