Sunday Best: Writing Workshop

This past week, I attended a four-day writing workshop at The Sheridan Senior Center. We met for two hours each day. The instructor was Jane Elkington Wohl, a local author who taught English and creative writing at Sheridan College for years and has published several books of poetry.

This workshop focused on writing personal stories. Many participants were senior citizens. The main objective was for us to have tools to work with in our future writing. Jane gave us some great prompts, and we even learned about metaphors. Most of us, myself included, loved the workshop, and Jane promised to do it again next spring. I’ll be using some ideas I picked up in future blog posts, so stay tuned.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this past week? Please tell me about it in the comment field. I hope something good happens to you this coming week.


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Satisfaction Like a Sated Cat

Today’s poem was inspired by the video prompt at . Click on the Dropbox link below the poem to hear me read it.




She lies with you on the bed,, content,

purrs as you stroke her head, shoulders back,

rub her tummy, enjoy her fur’s softness,

press your cheek against her.

You have no regrets, no desires,

no need to apologize or forgive.

Let her warmth and love surround you,

as the day draws to a close.


Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author


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