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Abbie wears a blue and white V-neck top with different shades of blue from sky to navy that swirl together with the white. She has short, brown hair and rosy cheeks and smiles at the camera against a black background.

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An MRI scan is no fun for anyone. But for a person with a hearing and vision impairment, like fellow author Carol Farnsworth, thanks to medical staff who don’t know how to help people with such disabilities, it’s a more horrendous experience than it needs to be. In the post I’m sharing today, Carol tells her story. I encourage you to read my review of Carol’s poetry collection, Leaf Memories, here, and after doing so, I hope you’ll buy a copy of this delightful book. Now, here’s Carol.


I sit alone in a changing room, waiting for a MRI brain scan to look for the cause of my stroke. I wait, for someone to tell me what to do. Finally a technician tells me to strip and put on hospital scrubs and white socks.


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