Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Two – Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue Always on the Case #WordPressWednesday #Reblogs #Inspiration

Image contains: Abbie, smiling.




If you’re a dog person, this post is sure to please. Fellow blogger Patty Fletcher’s guide dog Blue gives us a glimpse of his life on the other end of the leash. Blue is not only a good dog but a good writer. Enjoy!


According to the lady in the little round thingy on top of mommy’s table named Alexa, mommy didn’t wake up until 8:00. Usually, she snuggles with me a few minutes but when she heard what time it was, she jumped up out of bed, started putting on her clothes and when Prince Edward meowed at her to hurry with his breakfast, for he was surely starving to death she said, “You just wait, I have to call KATS.”


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