Wondering If Time Travel Is Possible #WordPressWednesday #Reblogs #Inspiration

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Have you ever thought about traveling backward or forward in time? I have a couple of times.

In high school, I read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells but didn’t like the ending. In 1985, I watched the first of the Back to the Future series and was fascinated by the idea of Michael Fox’s character playing a role in his parents meeting when they were in high school.

Frankly, I’m happy in the present. But in the post I’m  sharing today, fellow author Mike Staton expresses his fascination with the subject. Enjoy!


I’m fascinated by the concept of time travel.

It’s a long fascination going all the way back to my elementary-school days in Rialto, California. The first movie I remember watching was ‘World Without End,’ a flick made in the 1950s. For years I’d memorialized the movie’s synopsis in TV Guide, but sadly I no longer recall the words. Time has taken its toll.


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