Review: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Note: This is the only non-holiday book I had time to read this month.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. First Copyright 1950.


A writer in New York City reminisces about his neighbor, a Hollywood starlet for whom he developed an attraction in the year she lived in his apartment building from the fall of 1943 to autumn the following year. They first met when she rang his buzzer in the middle of the night, having lost her key to get into the building. Another night, she climbed down the fire escape and through his window while he was working, and they struck up a conversation. After that, he was drawn into her circle of friends where he learned about her life and witnessed a myriad of events involving her throughout the year. In 1944 after a scandalous scrape with the law, she left the country and was never heard from again.

The recording of this classic novella I downloaded from Audible is narrated by award winning actor Michael C. Hall. He does an excellent job of portraying each character. One thing I don’t like about this book is that the main character, the writer, from whom this story is told in first person, is not given a name. Other authors do this, but it’s a bit unsettling. Nevertheless, I was willing to overlook this, as I got into the story.

I like the way the title relates to the neighbor. Her name is Holly, not Tiffany. In case you’re not aware, Tiffany’s is a worldwide jewelry chain. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is Holly’s story, not that of the narrator. Holly is obsessed with the New York store and says once or twice that she would like to eat breakfast there. I also like the way the author tries to make us feel sorry for Holly by revealing bits and pieces of her history.

Audible touted this book as one of the shortest listens for the shortest day of the year. I downloaded it on the day of the winter solstice but didn’t get around to reading it until last Saturday night. I got through it in a little under three hours, and it was well worth the time I spent reading it. To learn more about Truman Capote, click here.


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