How to Walk in Wyoming’s Wind

Yesterday, it got up to 84 degrees. Today, it’s cloudy, rainy, and only 36. A winter weather advisory is in effect with rain and snow predicted throughout the day and plenty of wind. Fortunately, I have no plans to walk anywhere, but if I did, the following poem illustrates what I would do. You can click the Dropbox link below to hear me read it. On April 15th of all days, this wind is pretty taxing, don’t you think?




Bundle up with hands in pockets.

If the wind is at your front, lean into it.

Don’t let it push you around.

Utter profanities–no one will hear them.


When you retrace your steps, the wind will be at your back.

Let it propel you. Like the horse returning to the barn,

you’ll clip along at a steady, quick pace.

When you get home, reward yourself with a hot drink.


Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author


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